Wednesday, October 24, 2012

4th of July in Minnesota

We had a great time camping this summer at the lake with Ross's family!  Here are some pictures of our trip!  I have a lot to catch up to do!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Easter 2012

Playing Spring Catch up!! Easter and Spring Break!

Spring Break in Gulf Shores, Alabama!

My Sister lives in Gulf Shores with her cute family!  They life in a beach house close to the bay side!  So their just a block or so from the actual beach and right on the bay!  My Sister in Law flew out from Utah, and drove with me and my 3 kids to Alabama!  I'm sure she was wondering why she didn't just fly straight out to Alabama! haha She is pregnant with her first, so it was definitely some great prep for her!  The kids actually did pretty well!  Once we past Dallas we hit really really bad weather.  Actually saw a tornado off the freeway at one point.  But the worst was the torrential down pour for seriously like 3 hours straight!  We stopped in Madison Ms that night and stayed with my dear friend Nichole Sorensen and her cute fam!  It was so great of them to have all of us for the night!  The in the morning we drove the rest of the way to Gulf Shores.  The first few days the storm that followed us decided to stay.  But we still had a great time and ended up with a few sunny days at the beach before we headed back to Oklahoma.

This is the bay, its nice you can fish and Kayak and swim and not have to fight the waves.

Playing in the waves

the kids putting on a play!  They had so much fun together!

Alligator Alley!!  Here is my Niece Taylor holding a baby Alligator

Reece and Braeden decided to give it a try!!  Braeden is holding the big guy, he did so good!

JaNelle Jen and I

Kids building a sand castle

I love this picture of Sophie and Owen!

So this snake was actually in Oklahoma not Alabama as you might have thought!  It was the day after we got home, and I was on my way to pick up Reece from School, and saw it too late and ran right over it!  Then 3 more cars ran it over after me!  I turned around so we could get a closer look, My sister in law took the picture, it really was HUGE!  Like around 4ft. long!  It didn't have a rattler otherwise I was sure it was a rattlesnake!  But this is it after 4 cars ran it over!  It it was still alive!  You can see where it  was kinda flat from the tires!  It slithered off the road and was gone!